3 keys to the fall of the Boris Johnson government in the United Kingdom

After more than 50 resignations from within his cabinet and president from inside and outside his party, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stepped down as leader of the Conservative Party but will remain prime minister until his party elects a new leader.

The wave of resignations was sparked by the sexual misconduct scandal involving Conservative caucus chief Chris Pincher, who was ousted by Johnson in February.

Several releases from the dam realized that the prime minister knew about the allegations against Pincher and still gave him the job, something for which Boris Johnson apologized.

“The will of the parliamentarians of the Conservative Party is clear that there is a new leader of the party and, therefore, a new prime minister.”

With this statement, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, announced his resignation this Thursday, in this video we explain the keys to the fall of the Johnson government, one of the most influential conservative politicians in recent decades.

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