At least 237 people have died from the heat wave in Spain

(CNN) — The death toll from the ongoing heat wave in Spain has risen to 237, according to estimates provided by the Ministry of Health from the country.

The number tripled after the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) of Spain publish new figures for Wednesday July 13 and Thursday July 14, with 60 and 93 estimated deaths recorded.

Earlier, Spain’s Carlos III Health Institute said there were 15 deaths on Sunday, July 10, 28 on Monday, July 11, and 41 on Tuesday, July 12.

The number of people dying from ailments attributable to high temperatures in the last week could rise further as figures for Friday July 15 have not yet been released.

The Institute of Health has warned that these figures are expected to rise in the coming days as temperatures continue to rise.

After the second warmest June on record, Western Europe is facing its second dangerous heat wave of the summer.

In June, 829 deaths were recorded in Spain due to heat, according to the Ministry of Health.

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