Boat with 300 alleged migrants runs aground in the Florida Keys

(CNN) — A boat believed to be carrying about 300 migrants ran aground in the Florida Keys on Sunday, authorities said.

Many of the migrants “needed medical attention” and 163 swam to shore, reported on Twitter US Border Patrol Chief Agent Walter N. Slosar.

The vessel ran aground near the Ocean Reef Club, a community of private clubs in Key Largo, Florida, the Coast Guard said.

The ship ran aground near the Ocean Reef Club, a community of private clubs in Key Largo, said the US Coast Guard

“Initial reports show that the (people) involved in this alleged trafficking company are Haitian,” read one Tweet of the Coast Guard.

The boat had been overloaded by suspected human smugglers, Slosar said.

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Many of those on board the affected ship required medical attention.

Video shared by The Weekly Newspapers, which operates three newspapers in the Florida Keys, showed the boat getting stuck offshore, listing to one side, while dozens of people tried to bring him ashore. Many passengers remained in the overloaded boat, while others jumped into the water.

“Our priority is to keep everyone safe after this dangerous journey,” the Coast Guard said. “Multiple agencies responded quickly and worked closely together to protect many lives today,” Lt. Cmdr. Jason Neiman said in a statement.

More migrants try to reach the United States by sea 2:38

Crews from the Miami Dade Fire Department, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officials and Monroe County sheriff’s deputies assisted in the rescue operation, according to the tweets.

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