Boris Johnson: 4 keys to the scandal that sparked more than 50 resignations in the British government and led to the resignation of the Prime Minister

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Boris Johnson

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It took more than 50 resignations from his government for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to hear the voices calling for his resignation.

Johnson was plunged into a crisis with unpredictable consequences that led to a wave of resignations by ministers and other top officials who say they have lost their trust in the prime minister to run the country.

The shock began on Tuesday when, from a sexual harassment scandal in which he was involved Chris Pincher -a Conservative parliamentarian close to Johnson- the finance ministers, Rishi Sunakand Health, Sajid Javidtwo executive heavyweights, tendered their resignation.

Sunak argued that citizens expect the government to be run in a “proper, competent and serious” way; while Javid claimed that the Johnson administration was not “acting in the national interest”.

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