Boris Johnson: the historic wave of resignations in the British government in the face of the Prime Minister’s insistence on clinging to power (and what can happen now)

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Boris Johnson

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Johnson did not receive the usual support from his fellow party members on Wednesday.

After months of relentless political turmoil, Britain’s finance and health ministers resigned within 10 minutes of each other on Tuesday over the way Prime Minister Boris Johnson handled allegations of sexual misconduct against a British MP.

This triggered a trickle of resignations and letters of non-confidence from other ministers, deputy ministers and parliamentarians, which on Wednesday became an avalanche.

In the evening, a group of ministers went to Downing Street to try to persuade the president to resign.

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But up to now, Johnson continues to cling to the position and assures that has no intention of resigningciting the “colossal” support received from voters in the last election.

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