Calls for Women’s Day marches in Spain

(CNN Spanish) — Millions of women in Spain are called to join the marches on International Women’s Day 2022, which this year comes with the call for equality in this country.

From the Ministry of Equality, the government launched a campaign entitled “In Spain we call it equality”, “inspired by one of Rigoberta Bandini’s songs, with which it wants to appeal to feminism as something that makes life better for the majority of the population”, according to the Moncloa website.

These are some concentrations and marches called in Spain for the 8M.


The Huella Feminista organization has designed a demonstration that includes protests from homes and neighborhoods to a large feminist mobilization that includes a cacerolazo at noon for Women’s Day.

Thus, from the first hour of March 8, the call is to put up posters in the windows where feminist demands are made. In the morning hours, around 9:00 am, the invitation is for women to dress in purple throughout the day. Later, at noon, there is a call for a cacerolazo: “to make noise” to claim rights. And late in the afternoon, around 4 pm, there will be a concentration that is expected to arrive in Atocha, in the center of Madrid, at 7 pm

“Rights for all, every day,” calls for La Huella Feminista.

Women from the telemarketing sector will also participate in this mobilization against job insecurity. “During the pandemic we were considered essential, and now we are invisible,” says a CGT Marktel strike call, which invites women to make strikes every two hours on their shift.


The 8M Assembly of Catalonia convened this 8M mobilization starting at 6 pm local time at the Plaza de la Universidad in Barcelona and a final act at the Arc de Triomphe.

It is expected that in addition to the demonstration, there will be a cultural act with presentations, artists and the reading of a feminist manifesto, according to the organizers.

In other cities of Catalonia they also launched calls:

Tarragona: Plaza Imperial Tàrraco at 7 pm local time
Tortosa: Plaza Barcelona at 7 pm local time
Lleida: Plaza Ricard Vinyas at 6 pm local time
Girona: Plaza U d’Octubre at 6 pm local time


The feminist groups of Cádiz made a call for the 8M protests to focus on rejecting “the daily violence suffered by women who live in precarious conditions”, as published on their website.

In the province of Cadíz, the call is at Plaza Asdrúbal at 6:30 pm local time; also in Puerto de Santa María at 5:30 p.m. In Algeciras the call is at 7 pm local time in San José Artesano; and in San Roque the mobilization will be at 7:30 pm local time in the Alameda Alfonso XI.

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