Harwood road blocked by flytippers

A resident in Harwood has been left feeling ‘enraged’ after flytippers dumped building waste on his property, causing him to be blocked in.

Saleem Hafizullah, says he woke up to find rubbish dumped on the road leading up to Harwood House off Stitch-Mi-Lane.

Within the fly-tipping, Saleem found unopened letters.

Saleem said his main concern was that emergency service vehicles are not  able to access the property if they needed to.

He said: “The council have said the fly-tipping is not their problem basically, it’s down to us to sort it out but we are totally blocked in, you can’t get an emergency vehicle to the property, its totally blocked off to the main road.

“The council said they can’t do anything but if they could have done anything it could take up to three weeks to move the stuff.

“We can’t get out and in the morning I can’t get out because the cars are blocked in.

“If there was an emergency you can’t get an ambulance or fire engine down here.

“I’m going to get in touch with the chief executive of the council because its ridiculous.

“The flytipping is obviously building waste because there are UPVC doors, buckets with waste in, UPVC with rusted nails sticking all out and there is a mattress.

“The access is such a problem, it is totally blocked the road, I’m going to have to move it myself, it’s left me feeling totally enraged.

“Potentially I’m going to have to take it down to the tip myself and that will then take off the amount of times I can use the tip.

“I’m going to have a look through the CCTV and see if there is any form of address or anything identifiable.”

Kevan Egan, spotted the fly tipping whilst we was on an early morning dog walk.

He said: “I noticed the fly tipping as I passed whilst on my early morning dog walk about 5.30 am.

“Somebody must recognise the very specific building materials from very recent building alterations.

“It is the only entrance to and from Harwood House. It totally infuriates me.”

Gill Peak, Volunteer litter picker at Harwood Litter Picking group said: “I don’t know anything about this flytipping incident but I’m so sad to hear it.

“I litter pick Stich-Mi-Lane on a day to day basis because I’m sick of litter and I do the community bins as well, emptying bins three to four times a week for the community.

“I’m really saddened how anyone can do that, I hate seeing the flytipping.

“Back in the day, I mean I’m 53 now, but back in the day we always took pride in our community and where we lived but no-one seems to care anymore and it seems easier to just toss a piece of litter rather than walk a few miles to find a bin.

“We’ve had the bins put in place in Harwood so we can keep it as clean as possible.”

Stuart Hartigan, ward councillor for Breightmet, said: “I urge everyone in the area to review their CCTV to try and catch the culprit.

“Fly tipping is a scourge on society. It is illegal and there is no excuse.

“Someone will know who has fly tipped this or which property the waste has come from, please do the right thing, and report it.

“To try and prevent this happening in the future, only allow rubbish to be taken from a licensed waste carrier, make a copy of the details to cover yourself.

“This will be little comfort for those affected by this.

“Many residents across the country suffer because of the few who feel they can dump where they want.

“If the people doing it acted responsibly, we would all be happier and healthier for it.”

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