Has your bucket list changed? What are your dreams and priorities now? (Opinion)

Publisher’s note: Mari Rodríguez Ichaso has been a contributor to Vanidades magazine for several decades. She is a specialist in fashion, travel, gastronomy, art, architecture and entertainment, a film producer and a style columnist for CNN en Español. The opinions expressed in this column are solely his own. Read more opinion pieces at cnne.com/opinion.

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I knew that the world had changed very seriously when my friend María —who was quite a pinwheel, without getting off one plane to take another and spending what she had and didn’t have on very expensive shoes and bags— told me: “I’m happy to spend this weekend resting at my house! How wonderful to have nothing to do, and go to bed to watch TV, and then sleep for hours and hours!”.

Happy to be home? Watch TV? Enjoy hours and hours sleeping? “Well, yes, that’s the way it is”, he confessed to me when I asked him about the change in her life. “It’s just that my ‘bucket list’ has changed. I’ve already done more or less everything I’ve wanted… And what I want most is much easier, less stressful — more peace and quiet!”

wow! That I would have said that would not have surprised me, because I have always enjoyed my serene contemplative moments, but many of my friends agree in trusting me that after more than two years of the pandemic they enjoy life “with greater focus and less desire for moments dizzying and ambitious. With more “peace and quiet”.

Although she continues to have fun and has a very active social life, my friend Marta and her husband John have “changed some habits”—and without doing so radically—she told me that she is “living with a better quality of life, very focused on taking care of my health. And both my husband and I ate much better, drank our wine more orderly (which was obvious to everyone that they both thoroughly enjoyed every day) and walked 20-30 minutes after dinner! And we feel regal and rejuvenated.”

Taking care not to gasp in surprise —because these two foodies weren’t moving at all— I ask them about their plans for the summer —and they assure me that these include “being with family… family and more family… And spending more time with their good friends and the people who love us and really love us”. Another surprise! And so I could be telling you many cases between friends and family. Our lives have been renewed with the effect of covid – and for many it has been an excellent transformation.

The results of the pandemic have taken a toll on the lives of most of us, and according to “coach” Megan Sam Holstein, who writes the “Seeking Truth” blog, the lifestyle editors of the popular Country Living magazine –and the Spanish portal Vitonica.com– the time has come to make positive changes in our lives (some even very small!) –and start being much happier.

New priorities?

Enjoy the family to the fullest. And the serenity of good conversations. Music. Cinema. Fashion. Nature. Sport…And he enjoys reading and rereading. And if you are excited to travel again, it is time to plan one that really is a very special dream. A super dream! For me – a few years ago – it was renting an apartment in Paris – and when I did it (although only four weeks) I fulfilled a wonderful dream that I wanted to achieve since I was very young. I felt like a 100% Parisian, buying my baguette in the morning at my neighborhood bakery and saying hello to my new neighbors!

And wishing to realize your true desires and dreams (which do not have to be a thousand dreams, but one or two that are ‘really’ possible to achieve) —and without anything influencing you or taking away your illusion— establish your new priorities and purposes . Create your new “bucket list” (list of things you want to do throughout your life) and I assure you that it will be much more ‘possible’, without a doubt.

Some changes suggested by experts?

1.- Stop looking for excuses —and seriously decide to improve your life. This is the ‘strongest’, and perhaps the most important of the changes that will benefit you a lot!

Changing habits is changing daily actions to benefit your health and your life. Some are more difficult—such as quitting smoking, quitting drinking, or indulging in harmful people—but they are key to a better life.

And each person knows perfectly well what excuses they should stop using… let’s get to work. Without waiting.

2.- A healthy mind in a healthy body. Fabulous change that needs no explanation. Good nutrition, medical checkup—and walking and walking. Zero excesses. And you don’t have to become an ‘athlete’, but move your body and love yourself very, very much… This change is a true delight!

3.- Reorganize —and reorganize—. A very important change —in the style of the fabulous expert Marie Kondo— that brings us harmony and a lot of “peace and tranquility” —and also new energy!

It is so positive to rethink and reorganize your life and your plans. your routines. Your house. your cabinets. your wardrobe. Your priorities. This change—physical and spiritual—will bring order to your day-to-day life. And it will create new and very positive purposes. And it will change your deepest illusions, your dreams and the order of your bucket list! You can do it—at any age—and I assure you it’s not that difficult.

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