Honduran migrant who died in Texas wanted to reunite with her family

Adela Ramírez decided to emigrate from Cuyamel, in northern Honduras, after her mother and sisters managed to reach the United States. She did not make it: she was one of the 53 migrants who died in a truck in San Antonio Texas this Monday in a tragedy.

“We got along like sisters,” Claudia Vallecillo, a friend of Adela’s, said in an interview with Televicentro, a CNN affiliate in Honduras. “Everyone knows her in town,” Vallecillo said, asking the Honduran government for help in repatriating Ramírez’s body “to bury her in town and see her one last time.” Vallecillo says that Ramírez turned 28 on May 15.

“The town is hurt,” said her aunt Adela, who explained that in the town the women of the family are known as “Las Adelas” because they have the same name.

“She had no need to go around suffering,” her grandmother Adela Aguilar told Televicentro. Ramírez’s grandmother said that she asked her granddaughter not to emigrate: “I told her don’t go, here you live well if someone lives here wherever you want. Working. But one says I’m going to look for life there”.

Vallecillo said that Ramírez emigrated about a month ago and that they have been in contact ever since. “On Monday he told me he was inside, I’m going to be with my mom and sisters,” Vallecillo said as he showed his conversation with Adela through text messages.

According to friends and relatives of Ramírez, they learned of his death through the media. The Honduran Foreign Ministry published a statement on Tuesday in which Adela Ramírez appears as one of four identified Hondurans who died in suffocating conditions inside a truck transporting migrants near San Antonio, Texas.

Bexar County authorities in Texas have said that the work of identifying the deceased is complicated because some migrants carried different identification documents.

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