Horse saved after two hour struggle

A horse has been successfully rescued after being stuck in the mud for over two hours in Radcliffe.   

Three fire engines were called to Hutchinson’s Goit, Bury Rd after a 16.2 hand horse was found stuck up to its chest in water and mud.

Crew Manager Hopkins from Whitefield Fire said it was a huge success as most horses get panicked, and stressed when they are stuck for so long.

Crews from Whitefield, Leigh and Heywood were called to help at 12.10pm today, October 1, and the horse is said to have fully recovered.

Julie Andrews, owner of the horse said: “It certainly wasn’t my best day.

“Three crews (Whitefield, Heywood & Leigh TUI) came out to help.

“We have taken all crews chocolate, doughnuts, juice and pop to say thank you but only wish we could do more.”

Speaking about the incident, Crew Manager Hopkins said: “We were called to Hutchinson’s Goit on Bury Road at 12.10pm.

“A 16.2-hand horse had decided to get itself stuck in water and mud up to its chest.

“Three fire engines attended and it took us two hours to rescue the horse.

 “It was a success story because sometimes the horses can get stressed and panic when they are stuck for so long.

“Even though it was stuck for two hours, it is now fine, in the stables now and eating.

“In the end, it has been a really good and successful outcome.”


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