How do I know if I have to pay or return?

(CNN Spanish) — The process of the Income Statement, mandatory for all natural persons residing in Spain with exceptions, began on Wednesday, April 6 and will end on June 30. The request for the draft may be submitted in three formats: face-to-face in offices, by telephone or Internet. The declarant must take into account the dates for the different procedures.

Making the income statement generates doubts among taxpayers. One of the issues that most often worries the population is knowing if they have to pay the Treasury or if, on the contrary, the Tax Agency is the one who has to return money to the declarant or what is the same, to know what a negative result means or positive.

Once the procedure has been completed and the program has executed the different calculations, the taxpayer will obtain the result of the Income tax return. The last box on the last page reveals a number with a negative or positive sign that will indicate the declarant’s situation.

Do I have to pay or do they have to refund me?

The Tax Agency, on its website, informs that the program will calculate the differential quota and the result of the declaration. In the case of the differential quota, the amount will be obtained from the difference between box 0595 and 0609. If the result is negative, box 0610 will be preceded by a minus sign (-).

However, the Income result is obtained from the following operation: boxes ([0610] – [0611] + [0612] – [[0613] – [0623] + [0624] – [0636] + [0637] – [0248] + [0249] – [0660] + [0661] – [0662] + [0663] + [0664] + [0666]).

The result of the declaration is reflected in box 670, if it is preceded by a plus sign (+) before the amount, it indicates that the declarant must pay or pay the indicated amount to the Treasury.

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