how to register for RASE, requirements and who cannot access

(CNN Spanish) — All people who today receive the subsidy for gas and electricity rates in Argentina and want to keep it —provided they meet the new requirements established by the Government— must register in the Registry of Access to Energy Subsidies (RASE) .

The Government of Argentina ordered a segmentation of households according to their income to “order” the subsidies it grants to electricity and gas, according to explains on its official page.

As of this July 15, people you can already register according to the number in which the applicant’s DNI ends.

Under the new organization, defined in a decree June, those households with lower or medium incomes — up to 350,000 pesos per month — will be able to maintain the aid provided by the State to cover the cost of these public services. These categories, which also refer to the number of properties, cars and other assets in each house, include 90% of households in the country.

“The State covers, on average, more than 70% of the cost of the energy that reaches homes. In the scheme applied until June 2022, the subsidy even reached the highest-income sectors that did not need State support” , explains the Government in its detail of the measure. Those with high incomes will be subjected to a “gradual and bimonthly thirds” reduction in subsidies and, by the end of the year, will pay the full rate according to official information.

How to register for RASE

To sign up for RASE and continue to be subsidized, you must access the page

As of this July 15, applicants you can start registering on the web.

Registration is organized according to the final number of the applicant’s DNI.


  • If the DNI ends in 0, 1 or 2, you can fill out the form between July 15 and 19
  • If the DNI ends in 3, 4 or 5, you can fill out the form between July 20 and 22
  • If the DNI ends in 6, 7 or 8, you can get the form between July 23 and 26

You can also register in person at the offices of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) or at service providers.

Registration involves completing an affidavit, says the decree that regulates the new way in which the subsidies will be distributed, and commits to making the resources available to a “safe, agile and free deployment” in the country.

The administration clarifies that everyone must register, including retirees and pensioners and those who receive aid from social programs, for example a universal allowance for children.

Another important clarification: it does not matter if you are a tenant or owner, if you are entitled to the income-based allowance, you can continue to receive it. If the invoice is not in your name, you can also register explaining that you are not the owner of the service.

What information must you fill in the affidavit

a resolution published in the Official Gazette Collect what data you must include in your affidavit. Among them are name and surname, date of birth, identity document number and CUIL (Unique Labor Identification Code), data on your socioeconomic situation and on the address for which you ask to maintain the benefit.

Exceptions: who is left out of the segmentation

There are two cases in which your home may be left out of the segmentation advanced by the Government. On the one hand, if you are electrically dependent, in which case you should enroll in the Register of Electrodependents and just do the paperwork for gas.

On the other hand, the procedure does not correspond to you if there is a public welfare entity at the address where you live. These types of institutions have differentiated rate that you can request here.

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