How to request and fill out the draft Income Tax Return 2021-2022 online, by phone and in person

(CNN Spanish) — The 2021 Income Statement Campaign begins in Spain on Wednesday, April 6, the date on which taxpayers can begin to submit drafts of their returns online.

To submit the draft, users have different ways to do so.

How to file the income tax return online?

The Tax Agency offers a guide with all the necessary information to carry out this process step by step.

The declarant must access the official website of the Tax Agency and subsequently, to the “Draft / tax return processing service (Renta WEB)”.

To access the summary of the draft tax return, there are two forms of identification: with Cl@ve PIN or reference number by entering your DNI or NIE, and with a Digital Certificate or DNIe.

If the taxpayer enters the Income services for the first time, they must ratify their fiscal domicile or modify it, if necessary. Personal and family identification data will appear in the first window. Before continuing with the procedure, you must review the data and make the necessary modifications.

On the other hand, if you have already accessed Renta WEB previously, the website will directly inform you of the work session that you started previously, which you can retrieve from the “Continue Session” option. If, on the other hand, it has already been filed and you wish to modify it, you can do so from “Modify filed tax return”.

The filer can compare the draft of the individual return with the joint one. If you wish to file a joint return, you will need the spouse’s reference number or a PIN code. In this case, you must provide this information in the “Reference/ Cl@ve PIN” box under the heading “Spouse authorization”.

If you wish to do it individually, you will only have to check the box where it indicates that “the program only calculates the individual declaration of the declarant”.

After accepting the data, the summary of the draft will appear, except that the taxpayer has to provide additional information on the tax data. When the procedure is finished, the summary of the declaration appears, where the result appears, which can be a negative number, that is, a refund and it will only be necessary to enter the IBAN code of the account in which you wish to receive the refund.

For declarations to be deposited, the user can split the payment by checking the box for “Split payment” and “Direct debit of the amount to deposit”. However, you can not split the payment or select a different payment method.

How to file the income tax return in person?

Taxpayers who wish to make the Income Statement in person will be attended in offices by appointment. To do this, it will be necessary to request the appointment within the stipulated period, from May 26 to June 29 through the Internet, the App or at the following telephone numbers: 91 553 00 71 or 901 22 33 44.

The declarant must present himself at the offices with the previously required documentation and the necessary information so that the staff can access the declaration. The user must provide:

  • Reference number of the declaration holder.
  • DNI of all the people who appear in the declaration.
  • IBAN code of the bank account.
  • Cadastral references of all the properties you own or rent.

If the result of the declaration is to be deposited, the taxpayer must opt ​​for direct debit to carry out the presentation of the declaration in person.

How to file the income tax return by phone?

Another method to request the draft of the declaration is through the telephone. As of May 3, the user will be able to request an appointment and this will be given as of May 5. To request an appointment, the taxpayer must call the telephone numbers 901 12 12 24 and 91 535 73 26, via the Internet or the App.

This procedure will be guided by an agent of the Tax Agency, who will request the different data that is needed to execute the draft of the declaration.

  • Identification number.
  • Reference number or Cl@ve PIN.
  • IBAN code of the bank account.

Once the agent submits the application, the filer will obtain a verification code. In addition, if the user wishes, they can access the website of the Tax Agency to get the receipt.

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