Italy’s president rejects Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s resignation

(CNN) –– Italian President Sergio Mattarella rejected the prime minister’s resignation, the Italian presidency said in a statement.

Mattarella asked Draghi to address the parliament to assess the political situation.

“The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, received tonight at the Quirinale Palace the Prime Minister, Prof. Mario Draghi, who resigned from the government he headed,” the statement said.

“The President of the Republic did not accept the resignation and invited the Prime Minister to appear before the Cortes Generales to make communications, in order to make an assessment of the situation that has arisen as a result of the result of the session held today in the Senate of the Republic could be held in its own forum,” he added.

The resignation of Mario Draghi

mario draghi

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that he will resign on Thursday night, according to a statement issued by his office. “I want to announce that tonight I will present my resignation to the President of the Republic,” Draghi said in the statement.

Mario Draghi made his resignation public despite winning a vote of confidence in the Italian Parliament hours earlier on Thursday.

His victory went to a package of measures aimed at helping with the cost of living, which received 172 votes in favor and 39 against. However, his coalition partners in the 5-Star movement boycotted the vote.

“Today’s votes in Parliament are very significant from a political point of view. The majority of national unity that has supported this government since its creation is no longer here,” he added.

“The confidence pact underlying the government’s action has failed,” Draghi said.

“In recent days there has been the maximum commitment on my part to continue on the common path, also trying to meet the needs that the political forces have told me about.”

“As is clear from today’s debate and vote in Parliament, this effort was not enough,” he added.

“Since my investiture speech in Parliament, I have always said that this government would only succeed if there was a clear perspective of being able to carry out the government program on which the political forces had voted their confidence.”

“This unit was essential to face the challenges of these months. These conditions no longer exist. I thank you for your work, the many results achieved. We should be proud of what we have achieved, at a very difficult time, in the interest of all Italians,” Draghi concluded.

Draghi has said several times in the past that he has no plans to move forward with a different majority coalition government than the current one.

From CNN’s Livia Borghese in Rome and Sharon Braithwaite in London

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