Migrant apprehensions on the US southern border are on the rise.

(CNN) — The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office detained almost 240,000 migrants along the US-Mexico border in May, which represents an increase of 2% compared to April, according to recently released data.

A Trump administration pandemic restriction, known as Title 42, remains in place along the southern US border after a lower court prevented the Joe Biden administration from rescinding it. While Title 42 allows authorities to turn immigrants away at the border, there are few legal consequences for those who try to cross again.

In a communicated on wednesday, CBP acknowledged that removals under Title 42 have contributed to “a larger than usual number of migrants making multiple attempts to cross the border.” Single adults made up the majority of apprehensions, the data shows, though gatherings of families and unaccompanied children were up in May compared to April.

CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus warned of extreme conditions this time of year that may put migrants trying to cross the US southern border at greater risk.

“As temperatures begin to rise in the summer, human traffickers will continue to exploit vulnerable populations and recklessly endanger the lives of migrants for financial gain,” Magnus said in a statement. “The terrain along the southwest border is extreme, the summer heat is severe, and the miles of desert migrants must trek after crossing the border are unforgiving.”

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