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(CNN) — The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has been gaining momentum for the Summit of the Americas. He wants to be a continental figure and is going against US President Joe Biden. First, for the US$ 4,000 million promised, and not yet delivered, to three Central American countries. López Obrador says that he does not understand how Ukraine is sent US $ 33,000 million so quickly and Central Americans nothing.

He made a tour of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, which are the countries suffering from those funds, continued it in Guyana and finished it in Havana. And, there, he reaffirmed his request that Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba attend the Summit that will take place in Los Angeles in June. It was in his speech when he was decorated with the José Martí order, in the Palace of the Revolution.

The Biden administration does not want to invite these countries, because they continue to make up “the Troika of tyranny”, a term coined by Trump, Pompeo and John Bolton himself, when they were going to “liberate” Venezuela, under the democratic and luminous charge of Juan Guaidó, at the Tienditas international bridge. And AMLO says that, if they don’t go to the Summit, neither will he.

López Obrador’s argument is that how can there be a Summit of the Americas if part of it is not invited, because on what continent are the excluded countries? The Mexican president advocates ending the traditional dominant politics in the region, which is divided by the criterion of friends and “enemies” of the United States in the diplomatic arena, and advocates a true summit where dialogue can flourish as opposed to monologue governed by Pax Americana.

And it seems that López Obrador’s message has an echo: the 14 member countries of the Caribbean Basin, Caricom, will not attend Los Angeles if they are excluded, as predicted by the ambassador of Antigua and Barbados in the United States, Ronald Sanders. The same diplomat specifically opposes Juan Guaidó representing Venezuela at the Summit. The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, and that of Argentina, Alberto Hernández, support non-exclusion, as does the president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro. Chile, through statements by its Foreign Minister Antonia Urrejola, says that Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua should be invited. Bolivian President Luis Arce is determined: he will not attend the Summit if the three countries of “the Troika” are not invited.

This Wednesday, at a press conference, AMLO referred to the issue. “I think the Summit could help initiate a new policy and I have confidence in President Biden,” he said.

In addition, he said that it could be time for a new stage “not characterized by hegemony, by predominance, by interference, by impositions, but by relations of friendship, cooperation, and unity of peoples. And I think it is time, politics among other things is time”.

The truth is that the IX Summit of the Americas suffers from fever and high pressure with absence threats, and it seems that problems are blooming for Biden, because the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, although for other reasons, may not attend either . And even China he criticizes Washington’s decision.

The spokeswoman for the White House, Jen Psaki, said until a few days ago that the invitations have not yet been sent, giving hope to the protesting half of the Summit countries. But the truth is that the matter is on the way to becoming a fiasco for the Biden administration, whether it rejects the three countries in discord, or rectifies and invites them. Since when does the South influence Washington and not the other way around?

Of course, it will not be something pressing for the US. These summits are just a choreographic conclave every three or four years with the “backyard” countries, as pundits and analysts often call it in the US press, not knowing how offensive it is. the term for some Latin Americans and how stimulating it is for others.

But the fact that 19 democratic countries that would be invited to the Summit are willing to protest their absence is a sign that “in a democracy” criteria different from those of the United States can be maintained. All those American countries, not only those that would protest their absence but also those that will attend Los Angeles on June 6, voted in the United Nations General Assembly in 2021 against the US trade embargo on Cuba, with the exception of Colombia, who abstained.

That is another of the tasks that the president of Mexico has set for himself and promises that he will respectfully continue: advocating for the end of the trade embargo on Cuba.

The Summits of the Americas are organized and paid for by the United States Government. Don’t they have the right to invite whoever they want to their house? Of course. But what is happening now is that some democratic countries are reminding the world’s leading power that the objective of these summits is to deal with diplomatic and commercial issues of continental importance. And that these countries are an important part of the problem.

And what happens inside them? It cannot be solved from the outside. It would seem that the statement that “there is no evil that lasts a hundred years, nor a body that can resist it” has its geopolitical application. But AMLO does not believe in eternal fatalities, which is why he referred at the end of his speech to the essential change in Cuba: “I prefer to continue to hope that the Revolution (silence and look at the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel) […] be reborn in the Revolution, that the Revolution be capable of renewing itself…”.

It is the necessary change that reality and Cuban society are asking for, the one that the current Cuban government kills every day with its “continuity”, without even daring to define it. Continuity in the ideals of sovereignty, social justice, equality, and progress for the Cuban nation, but also the essential liberating change of the national productive forces. That was what Andrés Manuel López Obrador meant that day at the end of his speech, or at least what the president of Mexico should have meant.

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