Royal Bolton Hospital A&E under pressure

A family have told how patients were being treated in the reception area at Royal Bolton’s under pressure A&E department, Joanne McManus spoke about the situation facing staff and patients in the department after her brother was taken to the hospital this week.

The Bolton News has reported on a number of occasion about the pressures facing the hospital – with staff even spelling out the long delays facing patients and the shortage of beds throughout the hospital.

Joanne, aged 41, from Breightmet, said: “My mum used to be in the nursing profession herself, she said it is unbelievable, she’s never seen it in all her life, it was shocking.

“There were people in the corridors. I know you get it like that, but this was extreme.

“There were over 100 people in the A&E.

Royal Bolton Hospital under pressure with 40 hour waits for beds

“They were treating patients actually within the reception area, my brother was taken in a little room and given medication in the room.

“What had happened is he had already been in hospital, he was quite poorly and had to have dialysis, which he has at Bolton Renal Unit.”

Joanne’s brother has his dialysis at Salford Royal Hospital and remained as an inpatient at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

Royal Bolton Hospital: A&E deals with ‘four times more people than space’

However, following the dialysis, he was told he needed to go to A&E as he had a serious infection, which turned out to be sepsis, as well as having tested positive for Covid.

Joanne says he was seen immediately regarding the infection upon arrival at Royal Bolton, but after that he had to wait for a bed.

Joanne said: “When he got back at 6pm there were no beds. They have now found him a bed, but it was at 1am.”

She added her mum spoke to staff who told her of the pressures facing the department.

Joanne said:“It’s probably only going to get worse, they’re saying Covid is going to start kicking in as winter is coming up, so what are they going to put in place? It sounds like just a mess.

“Mum even said they had wait times on the wall, but they were nothing like they actually were.

“I can’t believe the NHS has got to this state. They were absolutely shattered, those nurses, running around with no staff.”

Under pressure A&E

Rae Wheatcroft, Chief Operating Officer at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Our Emergency Department is extremely busy and as a result, some patients are waiting for a long time.

“We recognise how difficult it is for our staff who are working incredibly hard to look after patients in the Emergency Department. We continue to offer health and well-being support to all of our staff during these challenging times.

“We are here for anyone who has an urgent or emergency need and we will continue to prioritise our sickest patients first.

“For anyone who is unsure about what service they need, NHS 111 online or by phone provides expert advice and will ensure you receive the correct treatment and care.”

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