Secrets of that golden summer skin

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(CNN Spanish) — Isn’t it true that nothing is more attractive and beautiful than that golden skin, with a glow, who appears in advertisements for sun products and makeup for summer days? That smooth skin and with the perfect tone. Images with which we want to run to the beach with the sexiest bikini possible, to let ourselves be caressed by the sun and the sea.

But the reality is that although many of those advertising photos are photoshopped, even the youngest models take great care to maintain that look. And due to the importance of their image, it is their work instrument! They take very good care of their skin, following very basic advice from dermatologists and beauticians to keep it in optimal conditions.

And among those basic tips – that we all know and sometimes forget to practice – there are two super important ones: 1) use a good sun protection product or sun screenwith a high level of protection (SPF), including a sunscreen or sunblockif maximum protection is desired and 2) deeply hydrate the skin.

On the importance of sunscreen, a big proponent is the famous New York dermatologist, Dr. Patricia Wexler, whose clients include many international celebrities. For years, Wexler has been a great fighter in the fight against melanoma caused by too much sun. She advises using daily “the best possible sun protection product” and thus keep ourselves ultra-protected. For the dermatologist, as she once told me at a cocktail party at the home of her friend and client Carolina Herrera, “it is an obligation to ourselves”.

An excellent tip: before exposing ourselves to the sun and applying the protector, it is a very good idea to do a good exfoliation of the body, to eliminate dead cells and that the product penetrates better.

The second essential tip? Remember that summer skin, especially if you like to tan (let’s be honest and admit that many of us are still sunbathing), needs a lot of love or tender loving care, and the secret of many specialists –such as the well-known dermatologist and plastic surgeon, the Dr. John Mesa of Manhattan– is keeping her really well hydrated Super well hydrated!

And what comes to mind is what the actress Sophia Loren told me in an interview a few years ago, who loves to sunbathe and even more has beautiful skin, whose secret was that as soon as she returned from sunbathing she showered with cold water , and applied a generous amount of the best possible body moisturizer!

“You will see how the skin will ‘drink’ it immediately”, he told me, which really impressed me. He explained to me that, according to his esthetician, that immediate use of the moisturizer helps replenish some of the moisture that the skin lost under the sun’s rays. And so I have done for many years following the advice of the beautiful Sophia! Something that sounds logical although I cannot guarantee that it is a scientific reality.

The perfect thing, of course, is to avoid sunbathing, or not to take it in excess, but if you have not achieved it, this immediate super hydration refreshes the skin and is a good help.

In the summer, taking care of the skin also includes avoiding facial products with retinol, which thin the skin and make it more vulnerable to the sun’s rays, although serums with vitamin C are very beneficial.

It’s also good to keep a simpler beauty routine. And eat a diet with more fruit (because of its water content), in addition to drinking much more water than you normally do.

In short: it is not so complicated to achieve that summer skin, with that healthy glow so sexy and beautiful! Exfoliation, daily protection and hydration are basic steps. And, for this, there are countless products for all budgets. Brands as diverse as Walgreens, Neutrogena, CeraVe, Estée Lauder, Clinique, L’Oreal, Lancôme or Dior offer excellent and very complete products for the sun, which only require you to use them very consistently!

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