Spain is the most affected country in the EU by monkeypox

(CNN Spanish) — Spain has confirmed 84 positive cases of monkeypox as of Thursday, according to data shared by the Ministry of Health. Figures that, according to the calculations of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) until this Wednesday, place the country as the most affected by the virus within the European Union.

In addition, after sequencing 100% of the virus in a pioneering way in Europe through genomic analysis of samples from 23 patients, the Carlos III Health Institute has confirmed that the variety circulating in Spain corresponds to that of West Africa, considered the least virulence among the other known varieties.

With the aim of being able to better combat the virus, the Spanish Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, announced this Wednesday that Spain will join the centralized purchase of doses of the smallpox vaccine Imvanex, marketed in the United States as Jynneos, and antivirals Tecovirimat.

This management will be carried out by the European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA), which will distribute the doses equitably among the Member States of the European Union, as it did previously during the coronavirus pandemic. , when he acquired the vaccines against covid-19.

So far, the presence of monkeypox has been confirmed in at least twelve countries in the European Economic Area, according to data from the ECDC. However, this agency reports that the risk of spread among the general population is low.

However, since it is a zoonosis —a virus that is transmitted from animals to humans—, this European health institution warns of the need for health and veterinary authorities to coordinate their efforts to prevent the virus from establishing itself in European wildlife. Unlikely scenario, as recognized by the ECDC in a document evaluating the risks of the virus, but theoretically possible.

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