The US agreed to increase temporary work visas for Mexicans and Central Americans, says AMLO

(CNN Spanish) — The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said Thursday that the United States government agreed to “considerably increase the number of temporary work visas.” The announcement was made at a press conference, the first after meeting with President Joe Biden this week in Washington.

“We talked about the need to expand the number of temporary work visas for Mexico, for Central America, this was accepted and the number of work visas to enter the United States is going to increase considerably,” López Obrador explained about his meeting in Washington. with Biden this Tuesday.

“Of course, the underlying approach was to promote productive activities, to unite to increase production in the United States, in Mexico,” added AMLO.

AMLO said that in the meeting with Biden they discussed the immigration issue with the approach that he proposes to “give people work in their places of origin”, for which he insisted on the United States government to expand support for programs for the countries of the Northern Triangle.

“Specifically, we insist that support be continued, that support be expanded in welfare programs that are already being applied in Honduras, in El Salvador, in Guatemala, with our financing, but of course these programs must be expanded” AMLO said from Mexico City.

The president of Mexico did not give details about the type of visas or when this increase could occur.

Until this Thursday, the United States Government had not ruled on the expansion of the number of visas reported by López Obrador and a request for comments sent to the State Department had not been answered.

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The meeting of AMLO and Biden

In a lengthy joint statement, President Biden and President López Obrador affirmed their “broad and deep cooperation and commitment to building a more prosperous and secure future for the people of North America” on Tuesday, the same day the two leaders met. met in Washington.

They also highlighted the “tragic deaths of migrants at the hands of human smugglers in San Antonio,” which the two leaders said “further strengthens our resolve to go after the multibillion-dollar criminal smuggling industry that preys on migrants and increase our efforts to address the root causes of migration.”

The joint statement says that US and Mexican authorities are working in coordination “to arrest and prosecute those who endanger the lives of vulnerable migrants, including through the work of Joint Task Force Alpha and its Mexican partners.” .

The statement also focused on economic issues, including labor issues and inflation, “border that is more resilient, more efficient and more secure will improve our shared trade” and climate change.

“As we face unprecedented global and regional challenges that require the concerted efforts of both nations, we uphold democracy, inclusive growth, transparency, the rule of law, and human rights as core values ​​that underpin our shared security and prosperity.” , the parties wrote.

— With information from Marlon Sorto of CNN en Español and Nikki Carvajal of CNN.

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