They find the body of a soldier who tried to help migrants in Texas

(CNN) — The body of Specialist Soldier Bishop Evans, the member of the Texas Army National Guard who disappeared three days ago, was found and identified this Monday, according to the US representative Tony Gonzalez.

Evans tried to rescue two migrants who were crossing the Rio Grande on Friday. Evans was assigned to the operation “Lone Star”Governor Greg Abbott’s effort to combat what he has defined as a crisis on the border between the United States and Mexico.

“This young soldier made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of protecting and serving our country. He will never be forgotten,” Gonzales said.

The Texas Military Department said Evans was a 22-year-old field gunner from Arlington, Texas, and had served in the guards for nearly two years.

Evans was deployed to Kuwait and served assignments in Iraq as part of Operation Spartan Shield before serving on the southern border of Texas, according to the release.

Authorities say Evans tried to help a couple of migrants as they crossed the border near Eagle Pass, Texas. The migrants are suspected of being “involved in transnational illicit drug trafficking” and are currently in the custody of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Abbott released a statement saying “we are eternally grateful for the way SPC Evans heroically served his state and his country.”

The Governor thanked the Texas National Guard, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Border Patrol and local law enforcement for their efforts in trying to locate Evans.

“We are devastated by the loss of a member of our Guard family,” said Maj. Gen. Tom Suelzer, Texas Adjutant General. “We recognize the selflessness of this heroic soldier who put the lives of others above his own in service to our state and national security. The Texas Military Department sends our deepest condolences to the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.

— CNN’s Hannah Sarisohn, Rosa Flores and Emma Tucker contributed to this report.

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