World Tapas Day: 3 infallible Spanish recipes

(CNN Spanish) — The potato omelette, the Russian salad or the Iberian ham croquettes are in luck, since this Thursday their benefits are celebrated in Spain with World Tapas Day. It is a day devised by different promoters of the Spanish hospitality industry and that this 2022 reaches its tenth edition with the aim of promoting and internationalizing this unique format of Iberian cuisine.

The event, how could it be otherwise, is celebrated in the bars and restaurants of the country, temples of gastronomy where groups of friends and families liven up their meetings with delicious food tastings.

Now, what are tapas really? The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) sheds some light on the matter and clarifies that it is “small portions of some food that is served as an accompaniment to a drink.”

Of these, three virtues can be highlighted that make them worthy of a “world day”: when served in small quantities, they allow several to be tasted at the same time; they act as a social catalyst, since they normally go out to have tapas in a group; and, finally, they function as a bridge between cultures, since they allow innovating and presenting typical foods from other countries.

Three infallible recipes to make at home

As talking about tapas can whet your appetite, we propose three simple recipes to make at home and enjoy alone or in company.

All of them are recommended by Alfonso Rosa, a Dominican chef with decades of experience in Spanish and international cuisine. He is currently in charge of the kitchen at La Abacería del Príncipe, a tapas restaurant located in the center of Madrid.

Tapa of black pudding with pepper

The name says it all. The first thing that Rosa recommends is to get a baguette, cut it into slices and heat them until they are nicely toasted. While we wait, we clean a red pepper well, cut it into wide strips and pass it quickly through the grill.

Finally, cut the blood sausage into slices and pass it through flour. Finished this step, fry the slices and separate them on a plate.

When we have everything ready, we put the slice of toasted bread as a base, add a slice of black pudding on top and cover it with a strip of pepper. Take advantage!

King prawns cover

Another easy recipe. Again we will need sliced ​​toasted bread (we can use what we have left over if we have tried to make the previous recipe), some fresh prawns, hard-boiled eggs and olives stuffed with anchovies. And to make the presentation look better, some wooden chopsticks that secure the food when we combine it.

We start by cooking the prawns on the grill and peel them. Cut each hard-boiled egg that we are going to use in half and separate the stuffed olives on a plate. With all the food arranged around us, we again place a slice of toasted bread as a base, add half a hard-boiled egg and finish with a king prawn and an olive. We secure all this with a wooden stick so that it does not fall until we eat it.


Here the level of difficulty rises, so we must have more time and patience. If we make it for four people, we will need three medium-sized potatoes, a small onion, six eggs and a pinch of salt.

Rosa’s recommendation is to cut the potatoes and onion into small squares so that they are well done more quickly when we fry them. Once we have it ready, we beat the six eggs.

Add enough oil to a pan to cover the potatoes and onion that we have chopped. Once the oil has heated, we pour the material and wait for it to look golden. When we see it ready, strain the oil and separate the potato and onion in a separate bowl.

Once we have cleaned the pan, we start the process again. Add a splash of oil — much less than before — and mix the chopped potato and onion with the beaten eggs in the bowl. We continue adding a little salt to the mixture, to taste, and add everything in the pan. At this point, Rosa recommends us to cook over medium or low heat, especially if we want it to be juicy.

We turn the tortilla with the help of a plate every time the lower surface is cooked and we lay it out ready to serve.

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